HAVOC CAST PODCAST #2: Amateur Psychology, Monthly Veganism, and Sexy Wolves

This weeks Podcast I discuss some ridiculous techniques for managing negative thoughts, I talk with my hobby homeboy, Stormgrad Games, and I give you an update of the epic Kill Team, THE GHOST WOLVES.


  1. Another awesome one man, hope your enjoying these enough to keep them up. It’s cool you talking about your own issues in the past and the things you struggled with and got through. I see a lot of people on Twitter opening up about their axiety or depression or what ever and I think it’s great for people to hear from respected people like yourself and get your experiences and perspective. Very cool.

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      1. Nah man, seriously I think they are great. I think you also have a really good quality of oration. Your comfortable to listen to and it’s interesting. Very cool. Glad your enjoying your retirement 😁


  2. Sorry I’m late, been really busy the last few days. Great show this week, especially the interview with Stormgrad which I found weirdly resonant with my own life, the love of sci-fi, the similar taste in reading material and the break from, and recent return to, the hobby. I also agree with his sentiments about the community. I’m quite isolated in my llife at the moment, not by location per-se (though there’s no FLGS anywhere near “local”) but by dint of life circumstance, so the Community (especially the Twitch Chat) has been my only contact with the hobby world and they are an Amazing group of people.
    I really hope you keep going with these Podcasts… I’m loving every minute.


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